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Honored as #16 happiest countries to live in across the globe, Ireland is a growing economy that welcomes students from over 160 countries for higher education. The reasons for such a strong fascination for the nation vary from it being a majority English-speaking European Nation with globally-acknowledged Irish institutes and curriculum to the generally welcoming nature of Irish people that helps one feel at home instantly and what not.

Its higher education system ranks in the world’s top 20. Ireland is the ideal study destination for those looking for IT, Pharma or Finance related courses due to the good job opportunities available here. The higher education institutions in Ireland offer 5000+ programs with universally acknowledged qualifications in varied fields leaving ample option for international students to study in Ireland

Since Ireland has some of the most prestigious institutes to its credit offering an array of programs at almost every possible level of education, it becomes highly important to ensure you find your perfect university and course match when looking to study abroad.

The increasing employment opportunities and attraction of big industries towards the country work as a cherry on the top for Ireland which is becoming a huge fascination for international students of Indian and other South Asian countries. Thus, if you are a prospective candidate looking to study abroad, we highly recommend you to add Ireland as the emerging destination for higher education overseas to your list of favorites.



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