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We take the stress out of the college admission process

We encourage students to pursue careers which match their potential and enable them to perform their best, while also enjoying the work that they do. We help students analyse their past achievements, and combine that with the goals they wish to achieve, which helps us align their skills with the career option best suited to them. Furthermore, based on the career, we help the students choose the best country, university and course in accordance with their academic background. We help them navigate the tricky waters of education overseas. We guide the student on which aspects of their academics and extra curriculars to improve upon, and we take care of all the rest.

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Profile Assessment

We help you define your goals and choose a path that takes you towards your dream career.

We help analyse your profile and guide you down the right path for the college/university which is the right fit for you.


Select Country and Course and College

Selecting a country, course and college is the major step towards your dream to pursue education abroad. You have to think and come up with what subject you want to establish your career in, based on your interests, we help you choose the best course and country. Financials are also an important factor to be taken into account before choosing the course.


Prepare For All Requirements

After choosing the course, you need to make sure that you meet all the minimum admission requirements. At this stage, you need to check for the English language requirement tests like TOEFL, IELTS etc. In some courses, you might be required to submit a portfolio. We help you with what documents are required at what stage of the application process.


Written Assessments

Statement Of Purpose and recommendation letters are an important part of application. The admission committee of the institution assesses you not only on the basis of your academic performance but also on the basis of what you do apart from academics, what is your motivation behind choosing that course and what do you aim at in the future through this program. We help you prepare the SOP that clearly reflects all of these aspects and highlights your achievements


Review And Submit

Review your application, check all the details and finally submit and pay the application fee.


Final decision/Offer letter

The university assesses and sends an intimation if your application is accepted. Once you accept the offer, we then assist you with the further process of starting your study abroad journey.


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