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About Us

Ikigaii, where your journey to your dream university begins. We are a dedicated team of seasoned admissions professionals, all with backgrounds in esteemed universities. Our collective mission is simple: to illuminate the intricate path of university admissions.

Meet our leaders, Hima Mal, our founder, and Ajay Mal. They bring over two decades of guiding high school students. Hima's over two decades of experience of working with high school students as well as global travels provide unique insights, certifications, connections, and dean interactions. Ajay, an engineer with an MBA from top institute, offers 25+ years of leadership at giants like AT&T and BT. His distinguished career equips him with a deep understanding of academic and professional success. Together, Hima and Ajay work in perfect harmony to ensure every high school student's academic aspirations are not only realized but also celebrated.

We invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Together, we'll make your overseas educational dreams a reality.


At Ikigaii, we're not just your guides; we're your dedicated partners in your educational journey. Our commitment is to simplify this process, creating a seamless and unforgettable experience. We specialize in crafting applications that not only highlight your achievements but also authentically convey your true passion.


What truly sets us apart is our proven strategy. It's not just a plan; it's a resounding success story. With our wealth of experience and an innovative 4-step model – Explore, Identify, Plan, and Accomplish – we significantly enhance your prospects of securing admission to your dream institutions.


This roadmap to success has been meticulously honed over years of unwavering dedication, and it all commences with a profile discussion session – the initial step in propelling your ambitions forward.

Our Services

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Profile Building

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At our Profile Building Service, we excel in grasping each student's distinctive qualities and aspirations, recognizing that gaining admission to top universities transcends a singular dimension—it's a comprehensive celebration of their unique identity. Our forte lies in crafting captivating narratives that adeptly convey their passions and illustrate why they would be invaluable assets to their chosen universities or academic programs. Our dedicated guidance counsellors work closely with students to explore their academic pursuits, extracurricular engagements, personal experiences, and future ambitions. This profound understanding enables us to shape narratives that resonate with admissions committees, spotlighting intellectual vitality, passion, and the promise of success.

Admission Counselling


Prepare for college admissions success! Our expert counselors tailor personalized career paths, strategies, roadmap and action plans to make your application shine. We transform the process into an enjoyable experience, offering informative, engaging, and reassuring support for both students and parents.

Drawing from a wealth of experience in past and current educational and job market trends, our counselors ensure students are well-informed and prepared for their future endeavors. Our ultimate goal is for every student embarking on this journey to emerge with a strong sense of self-awareness, success, and readiness to begin their college life at their dream institution.

Program Search and Selection


Every student receives personalized attention and one-on-one guidance to make informed decisions when selecting a college and program that aligns with their unique aspirations. Our extensive knowledge and years of experience have enabled us to develop fool proof methods for guiding students in various fields, including science, commerce, humanities, management, and arts. We meticulously analyse a student's individual interests, preferences, and other essential factors to offer the best possible program options.

Our experienced counsellors they lead students to discover the perfect course and college through a thoughtful analysis of their passions, strengths, accomplishments, and interests.

Essay and Personal Statement and SOP Guidance


At our Essay Writing and Statement of Purpose (SOP) Service, we understand that the SOP or Personal Statement is a central element of any student's application. We specialize in helping students craft these essential essays in a way that not only highlights their passion but also showcases their unique strengths and experiences. An effective personal statement is the key to success in the college application process, and we provide the expertise you need to feel confident when submitting your essay or SOP. Our team of professional admissions experts is here to review and refine your work, ensuring that your application materials make a powerful impression.

Recommendation Strategies

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At our Recommendation Strategy Service, we specialize in ensuring that your recommendation letters shine. We offer guidance on strategies to get the best possible recommendations from teachers, schools, employers, and professors. Recommenders often request candidates to provide them with a brief description of their accomplishments and interests. We work with you to develop what American universities call a ‘brag sheet’, consisting of academic or extracurricular achievements, personal qualities and work or internship experience that will help your recommendation letters.

CV or Résumé Development


Crafting a compelling résumé is a crucial aspect of your college application journey, offering colleges a window into your achievements and personality. At Ikigaii, we specialize in designing impactful resumes that not only showcase your accomplishments but also stand out effectively. Our expert guidance ensures that your resume presents a concise and compelling narrative of your experiences, tailored to align seamlessly with the requirements of your desired course. We aim to reinforce your potential for academic and social success at the college of your choice

Test Preparation


At our Undergraduate Test Preparation Service, we are dedicated to helping students excel in standardized tests essential for undergraduate admissions, including the IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, and Advanced Placement (AP) exams. Our experienced instructors and comprehensive resources are here to support you in achieving your best scores. We offer personalized study plans, practice tests, and expert guidance to ensure you're well-prepared for your undergraduate admissions journey.

Interview Preparation, Travel and Visa services


We mentor students through the entire interview process and take them through the experience by helping build their confidence and interview skills. Our approach includes conducting multiple one-on-one mock interviews to ensure students are well-prepared for success.

Our services extend beyond admissions. We assist students in completing the visa application process, meticulously reviewing applications to avoid discrepancies. Furthermore, we take care of all travel-related arrangements, including flights, forex, and comprehensive travel assistance. Our aim is to deliver a seamless and stress-free experience for both parents and students, facilitating a smooth transition to their overseas educational journey.

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