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About Us

We at Ikigaii help students explore, identify, strategize and accomplish their ‘Dream Career’ by providing in-depth understanding and walking alongside them on their way forward into the real world.

The process of getting admission into your dream college can be complicated and lengthy, we pride ourselves on making this process hassle-free and turning it into a memorable experience for the students.

We ensure that their application not only showcases their achievements but also reflects their passion. In the years since we began our work, we have guided thousands of students through this journey.

Teacher with Students

Our expert counselors curate an appropriate career path, unique to each student according to their preferences and talents. We help to make the cumbersome college application process a fun experience. Interactions with our team will always be informative, engaging and reassuring for both the students and their parents.

Our counselors are equipped with experience of the past and latest trends in education and job markets and we make sure the students are well aware and prepared for their future path. Our goal, is that every student who embarks on this journey comes out on the other side completely self-aware, successful and ready to begin life as a college student at their dream college.


Along the way, you will learn how to build your narrative and be a successful and prepared college bound student.

Our Services

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Profile Building and Admission Counselling

Prepare yourself for college admissions! University admissions get more competitive every year. Together, we will create a personalized strategy to place your application above the rest. Our counsellor's experience helps lead the student to the course and college which is the perfect fit for them via a careful analysis of their passion, strengths, accomplishments and interests.

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Program Search and Selection

Each student is given individual attention, and one on one guidance to help them select a college and program that’s specific to them. Years of knowledge and experience have helped us identify fool-proof methods to guide students toward achieving their goals across all fields of science, commerce, humanities, management, and arts. The best possible program options are provided after analyzing a student's individual interests, preferences, and other factors.

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Essay and Personal Statement and SOP Guidance

SOP or Personal Statement is a central element of any student's application. We help the students write their Essay/SOP in a way that highlights their passion and showcases their strengths. An effective personal statement is the key element to success, feel confident when submitting your college application essay by getting it reviewed by a professional admissions expert.

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Recommendation Strategies

We offer guidance on strategies to get the best possible recommendations from teachers, schools, employers, and professors. Recommenders often request candidates to provide them with a brief description of their accomplishments and interests. We work with you to develop what American universities call a ‘brag sheet’, consisting of academic or extracurricular achievements, personal qualities and work or internship experience that will help your recommendation letters.

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CV or Resume Development

A resume is a reflection of one’s profile, and is the tool granting the colleges to which you apply, an insight into who you are. A well designed resume helps highlight and enhance your accomplishments. We help students create a resume which provides a concise yet compelling account of their experiences and stands out, while presenting the most relevant information for the course to which you intend to apply, simultaneously reaffirming that you will succeed academically and socially at the college.

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Test Preparation

Tests like SAT, IELTS, ACT, TOEFL++ are of the utmost importance to get admission to various universities abroad. We help students prepare for these exams and focus on extensive teaching to ensure they achieve maximum marks.

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Interview Preparation

We mentor students through the entire interview process and take them through the experience by helping build their confidence and interview skills. We achieve this by taking multiple one-on-one mock interviews.

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Travel and Visa services

Our services include helping students complete the visa process, by checking their application to make sure there are no discrepancies. In addition to this, we also arrange for flights, forex, and all other forms of travel assistance to provide a hassle-free experience to parents and students.

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