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Career Counselling

We work with you and craft a path towards the career that will nurture your passion

We encourage students to pursue careers which match their potential and enable them to perform their best, while also enjoying the work that they do. We help students analyse their past achievements, and combine that with the goals they wish to achieve, which helps us align their skills with the career option best suited to them. Furthermore, based on the career, we help the students choose the best country, university and course in accordance with their academic background.



Embark on your academic journey with Ikigaii's thorough EXPLORE phase. We kick off by conducting a comprehensive Profile Assessment, identifying strengths, and addressing any gaps through targeted enhancements. You'll receive a personalized roadmap and work plan with deadlines, ensuring a clear path forward. Our team dedicates time to explore diverse options, initiating the research that will shape your educational adventure. Recognizing that each student is unique, we design tailored strategies and narratives to position your story uniquely under our expert guidance.



In the IDENTIFY phase, we delve deep into the process of discovering your ideal academic destination. Through meticulous analysis, we assist in identifying the best-fit country, course, and university, aligning every choice with your unique career aspirations. This phase is designed to ensure that your academic journey aligns seamlessly with your goals, and we emphasize the crafting of individualized strategies for each student, recognizing the distinctiveness of their narrative.



As you progress to the PLAN phase, Ikigaii provides unwavering support in crafting a robust application strategy. We guide you through decision-making processes, assisting in tracking deadlines and meeting specific requirements. This stage is crucial for setting the foundation of your academic pursuit, ensuring a smooth transition from identification to execution. Our commitment to designing personalized strategies remains at the forefront, acknowledging the significance of uniquely positioning each student's story.



Congratulations, you've reached the ACCOMPLISH phase—a testament to your dedication and our collective efforts. As you embark on this grand adventure, Ikigaii continues to stand by your side. We offer support in interview preparation, help you finalize offers, and navigate the intricate visa application process. Your success is our accomplishment, and we are here to see you through every step of your study abroad journey. 
Ikigaii: Guiding Your Journey, Step by Step!

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