United Kingdom

UK is the world leader in many areas of education which include engineering, science, business, management, law, finance, art and design. London, the capital city, has been consistently featuring in the top 10 liveable cities of the world for international students. Its reputation and legacy as an epicentre for scientific research make it a sought-after study destination, especially for some of the best thinkers in the world.

The UK has an excellent reputation as a global study destination. UK education is value for money as students receive globally recognised degrees which can be tailored to your interests and often include specialised modules. UK gives the best study abroad options with umpteen high ranked universities.

As an international student, you can explore different paths such as short-term jobs, contractual jobs, or recruitment through recruitment agencies to find jobs that will allow you to continue your study while doing it. However, before you take up one, you must ensure that you are eligible to work in the UK while studying.

Some Top Universities in United Kingdoms

UK Universities have ranked among the top in QS Rankings. Some top universities we partner with -

  1. University of Bristol,

  2. University of Glasgow,

  3. University of Birmingham,

  4. Newcastle University,

  5. University of Liverpool