Every year, Canada is ranked as one of the top countries for quality of life. And the reason is not surprising with the given health infrastructure, quality of education and lucrative work opportunities. Students from all over the world are openly welcomed to study and work. With more people immigrating, the Indian community is growing in the country.

Education in Canada meets high standards of employability. Good quality along with research and practical methodology makes students ready to take up roles in organisations within Canada and also back home. The universities and colleges offer programs for all fields of study that might interest the students.

A student is eligible to work part-time (upto 20 hours per week) during the course of the program, and full-time (upto 40 hours per week) during breaks. Some programs are also offered with Co-op, i.e, work is a part of some semesters. This gets very benefitial for students for actually getting experience in what they have chosen to study.

Some Top Universities in Canada

Canadian Universities have ranked among the top in QS Rankings. Some top universities we partner with -

  1. Waterloo University,

  2. Dalhousie University,

  3. University of Guelph,

  4. University of Manitoba

Apart from these, we assist students in applying to top universities like University of British Columbia and University of Toronto.